First Assistant Director

The Assistant Director (1st AD) is a crucial figure in film production, serving as the director’s right hand and managing logistical aspects on set. In pre-production, they analyze the script, lead location assessments, and create shooting schedules. The role demands strong communication, leadership, organizational, and problem-solving skills, along with knowledge of filmmaking and the ability to direct when needed.


Professional competences:

● Intermediate knowledge of film production concepts, including filming, lighting, and sound recording and mixing.
● Knowledge of professional software – confidence using email, Microsoft Office programs, and Movie Magic Scheduling or similar.
● Knowledge of who does what on set and how it is done in order to efficiently plan the workflow.
● Ability to collect the information from all Heads of Departments and create the most efficient Shooting Schedule and Call Sheet.
● Ability to participate in creative decision making when needed.
● Knowledge of union rules and regulations as part of social sustainability.
● Knowledge of the agreement on tariffs including the occupational health and safety regulations.

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