FILM SKILLS is a project that brings together Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian partners – three film schools and two film industry organisations – with the aim of developing occupational qualifications’ standards for film occupations as a recognition interface between the labour market, higher education institutions, and other forms of training.
FILM SKILLS aims to align the needs of the film industry with the applied and academic approaches of higher film education.

Expected results
Occupational standards for 30 film positions, developed in cooperation of educators and acting film industry professionals.

Project’s period


FilmSkills is a joint project of Tallinn University’s Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, Latvian Culture Academy, Lithuanian Academy of Theatre and Music, Estonian Filmmakers Association and Lithuanian Shorts.
FilmSkills is financed by the European Union under the grant agreement no. 2021-KA220-HED-03.


Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University
National Film School of the Latvian Academy of Culture
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Lithuanian Short Film Agency Lithuanian Shorts


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