First Assistant Camera

The First Assistant Camera (1st AC) is primarily responsible for ensuring precise and continuous focus on the subject throughout a scene. They must possess a keen understanding of depth of field, lens breathing, and exhibit a creative sense for the rhythm and speed of focus pulling. Additionally, 1st ACs play a crucial role in maintaining and organizing all camera equipment and accessories on set, ensuring smooth operations during shooting.

Professional competences:
• Previous practical experience and proficiency in the use of camera and lens equipment.
• Knowledge of camera technology – know the function, possible application and compatibility of all common camera systems, including all additional devices and equipment (film and/or digital). Understanding camera settings, time code, synchronisation of several cameras, playback.
• Basics of film lighting and exposure theory.
• Knowledge of film departments’ work specifics – deep understanding of work of the camera department.
• Safety on Set – ensures safe operation of equipment of the camera department.
• Culturally competent – good understanding of both the set culture as well as the country where the production takes place.

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