Best Boy Electric

The Best Boy Electric holds a critical role as the chief assistant to the Gaffer within the lighting department on a film set. Responsibilities include scouting locations, supervising equipment load-in and load-out, managing equipment inventory, handling repairs and maintenance, coordinating equipment orders, and hiring additional lighting technicians when necessary. The Best Boy Electric also manages startup paperwork, time cards, feeder cable routing, and the distribution of electrical power to lights. Effective communication and coordination with various departments, rental houses, and equipment suppliers are central to their role.

Professional competences:

• Previous practical experience and proficiency in the use of lighting and electrical equipment.
• Advanced electrical and mechanical skills – operate, lift, adjust equipment.
• Electrical Safety Certificate.
• Knowledge of the film-making process and awareness of the industry specifics – advanced knowledge of film making’s pre-production, production, and post-production stages.
• Knowledge of film departments’ work specifics – deep understanding of work of the lighting (electrical) department, grip department, and camera department.
• Safety on set – ensures safe operation of equipment for the lighting (electrical) department.
• Working with call sheets and other production documentation.
• Ability to read film scripts, participate in location scouting, understand and help to fulfil the lighting plan, delegate tasks.
• Budgeting and planning – familiarity with production times, equipment costs, and grip department crew rates.
• Legislation and contracting – expertise in related legislation, ability to work with contracts and documents.

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