Second Assistant Director

The Second Assistant Director (2nd AD) serves as the main off-set contact for departments such as production, locations, and facilities. They collaborate with the 1st AD in preparing daily call sheets, managing cast communication, and ensuring smooth shooting days. The role demands interpersonal skills, conflict management, organizational prowess, and knowledge of film production concepts, software, and industry regulations.


Professional competences:

● In-depth knowledge of film production and professionals, filmmaking’s pre-production, production, and post-production stages
● In-depth knowledge of the dialogue-capture process, including
single- and multi-tracking, microphone choice in different environments, synchronisation, monitoring
● Basic knowledge of sound engineering, acoustics.
● In-depth knowledge of sound equipment usage, including different microphones, recorders and their supplements, equipment usage in different environments.
● In-depth knowledge of live sound mixing – audio signal processing and blending of multiple sound sources by a mixing console on set.
● Knowledge of sound post-production process, understanding of sound edits, clean up.
● In-depth knowledge of audio recording and hardware, different audio recording devices and equipment, their specifications.
● Basic knowledge of workflow on set, understanding how the scenes are shot and material is collected.
● In-depth knowledge of post-production workflow.
● In-depth knowledge of sound recording software (Digital audio workstation).
● In-depth knowledge of sound-image synchronisation, linking sound with moving pictures, referring to the relative timing of audio (sound) and video (image) parts.
● Basic knowledge of film (video and sound) directing, such as script analysis, mise-en-scène.

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