Location Manager

The Location Manager is responsible for finding suitable shooting locations, obtaining permits, and ensuring smooth logistics and maintenance of the set area, collaborating closely with the Producer, Director, DOP, and Production Designer. They must possess competencies in understanding both artistic visions as well as needs of a film production. Tasks include assessing locations, budgeting, legal matters and obtaining permits, networking, and assuring safety. This role requires a thorough understanding of film production workflows along with effective networking and talent for management.

Professional competences:

● Understanding film production workflow and requirements – making correct and credible assessment of production needs in terms of location, logistics, services and staff.
● Location assessment – knowing architectural styles, sense of composition and attention to detail assessing opportunities, risks and costs.
● Professional communication – understanding film language and professional vocabulary, working with the breakdown of the script and other production documents
● Budgeting and scheduling – making credible assessments and price offers, using related software and industry standards.
● Legal competence – knowledge of local law in relation to film production, shooting and contracting.
● Networking – maintaining a professional network of contacts and service providers and is up to date on their activities, prices, etc.
● Understanding of the post-production opportunities
● Safety on Set

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