Lighting Technician

Lighting Technicians on a film set are responsible for executing the lighting plan provided by the Gaffer. Their duties include unloading and reloading lighting equipment, running cables, and managing the distribution of electrical power for the lights at various locations. On set, they focus on placing and aiming lights, adjusting light intensity, direction, color, and quality, as well as wiring practical lamps and anticipating the Gaffer’s needs for efficient operations. Lighting Technicians also play a role in ensuring the safe use and securing of lights and stands.

Professional competences:

• Previous practical experience and proficiency in the use of lighting and electric equipment.
• Basic electrical and mechanical skills – operate, lift, adjust equipment.
• Electrical Safety Certificate.
• Knowledge of the film-making process and awareness of the industry specifics – basic knowledge about film making’s pre-production, production, and post-production stages.
• Knowledge of film departments’ work specifics – understanding of work of the lighting (electrical) department, grip department, and camera department.
• Safety on Set – ensures safe operation of equipment of the lighting (electrical) department.
• Working with call sheets and other production documentation.

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