Camera Operator

A Camera Operator is responsible for operating the camera, ensuring well-composed and correctly angled shots while proactively preventing issues such as microphone or equipment intrusions, lens flares, and reflections. They collaborate closely with the Director of Photography (DOP) to achieve the shot composition directed by the Director and maintain the action within frame boundaries. In complex shots, they rehearse camera moves with the First Assistant Camera (1st AC) and coordinate with the sound department for boom microphone placement.

Professional competences:
•Knowledge of film departments’ work specifics – deep understanding of the work of the camera department.
•Knowledge of visual composition – understanding of framing, lighting, colour theory, and other elements that can impact the shot, ability to compose skilful and artistic shots, knowledge of visual and film aesthetic methods.
•Knowledge of camera technology – optic, filters, camera setup, possible application, and compatibility of all common camera systems, including all additional devices and equipment (film or digital).
•Ability to operate digital and film cameras equipment such as mobile mountings and cranes.
•Advanced film lighting and exposure theory.
•Understanding of dramaturgy and working with actors.
•Knowledge of the technology of film stocks or/and electronic recording, storage formats and systems and signal processing.
•Ensuring safe operating of equipment of the camera department.

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