Best Boy Grip

The Best Boy Grip serves as the right-hand person to the Key Grip, handling crew booking, equipment rental, and work scheduling to ensure the availability of the right personnel and equipment at the designated locations. Their primary role is to collaborate closely with the camera department, offering support, particularly when the camera is mounted on devices like dollies, cranes, or in unconventional positions. Grips have specialized roles, such as Dolly Grip and Camera Crane Operator, and are proficient in constructing sets, including walls, ceilings, flats, decks, and platforms.

Professional competences:

• Previous practical experience and proficiency in use of grip equipment.
• Ability to work at heights and in confined spaces, certificate confirming completion of Mountain Training – work up to 3m height, preferably Industrial Mountain Training certificate.
• Certificate confirming knowledge of Lift Operator – operate lifting device.
• Advanced electrical, mechanical, and carpentry skills – operate, lift, adjust equipment.
• Knowledge of the film-making process and awareness of the industry specifics – advanced knowledge of film making’s pre-production, production, and post-production stages.
• Knowledge of film departments’ work specifics – deep understanding of work of the grip and camera department.
• Safety on Set – ensures safe operation of equipment of the grip department.
• Budgeting and planning – familiarity with production times, equipment costs, and grip department crew rates.
• Legislation and contracting – expertise in related legislation, ability to work with contracts and documents.
• Culturally competent – good understanding of both the set culture as well as the country where the production takes place.

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