Video Assistant Operator

Video Assist Operators play a vital role in the film production process by capturing and displaying images from digital or film cameras on video monitors for the Director and crew’s real-time viewing and immediate playback. Additionally, Video Assist Operators edit scenes for continuity and timing, ensuring no shots are missed. They manage various monitors for different departments and collaborate closely with the Director, Script Supervisor, First Assistant Directors, camera teams, VFX crews, and production design teams, often overseeing a team of assistants and trainees on larger shoots.

Professional competences:
• Knowledge of video technology and signal processing.
• Knowledge and understanding of video playback, i.e. equipment, video, and audio cables, wireless video links, and the basics of video signals and formats.
• Understanding of how to calibrate monitors, and change settings.
• Knowledge of electronic recording, storage formats, and systems.
• Knowledge of different master control/shading systems in use for video production, including video trucks, control room installations, and handheld camera control devices.
• Ensuring safe operation of equipment of the camera department

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