Second Assistant Camera

The Second Assistant Camera (2nd AC) plays a crucial role in camera operations, responsible for equipment maintenance and organization, including loading digital magazines for digital shoots or raw film stock into camera magazines. They manage the clapper board, marking each take with essential information for post-production. Additionally, the 2nd AC collaborates with various crew members, such as the 1st AC, Continuity Supervisor, and Sound Recordist, to ensure smooth technical and organizational support, particularly focused on secure handling of recording material.

Professional competences:
• Previous practical experience and proficiency in the use of cameras and other professional filming equipment (lenses, monitors, wireless solutions etc.).
• Knowledge of Camera technology – understand function, handling and possible application and compatibility of all common camera systems, including all additional devices and equipment (film and/or digital). Know how to use camera settings, time code, synchronisation of several cameras, playback.
• Knowledge of technology of film stocks and digital workflow, electronic and digital recording, storage formats, and systems.
• Familiarity with the basics of film lighting and exposure theory.
• Knowledge of film departments’ work specifics – deep understanding of the work of the camera department.
• Safety on Set – ensures safe operation of equipment of the camera department.
• Culturally competent – good understanding of both the set culture as well as the country where the production takes place.

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