Script Supervisor

A script supervisor ensures continuity in film and TV productions by meticulously tracking details from shot to shot and scene to scene. They collaborate with various departments, keeping records of dialogue, actions, costumes, and props to prevent continuity errors. The role requires strong communication, leadership, problem-solving, and observational skills, as well as a deep understanding of filmmaking and directing.

Professional competencies:

● Intermediate knowledge of film production concepts, including filming, lighting, and sound recording and mixing.
● Knowledge of professional software – confidence using email, Microsoft Office programs, and Movie Magic Scheduling or similar.
● Knowledge of who does what on set and how it is done in order to efficiently plan the workflow.
● Ability to collect the information from all Heads of Departments and create the most efficient Shooting Schedule and Call Sheet.
● Ability to participate in creative decision making when needed.
● Knowledge of union rules and regulations as part of social sustainability.
● Knowledge of the agreement on tariffs including the occupational health and safety regulations.

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