Location Scout

The Location Scout’s main responsibility is to find suitable shooting locations via conducting desk research and site visits, and providing visual data and documentation describing potential locations. This role extends beyond taking photos as in addition to artistic considerations Location Scout assesses factors such as accessibility, sound, light, cost, and safety. Location Scouts need knowledge of art history, architectural styles and be able to exhibit responsibility and cultural competence.


Professional competences:

● Good photography skills – using professional equipment and delivering quality photographs that showcase the location.
● Work with breakdown of script – mapping and envisioning the locations in terms of style, production and budget.
● Culturally competent – knows local culture, architecture and art history and has a good overview of corresponding objects and locations. Knows local languages and codes of conduct.
● Cartographic skills – knowledge of local infrastructure and landscape, can read and create maps and give instructions and documents relevant for the production.
● Location assessment – evaluating the location from the perspective of production such as cost, infrastructure, transport, noise and risks.
● Film semantics and language is an asset with knowledge of relevant vocabulary.

Qualification Standarts