Digital Imaging Technician / Data Wrangler

The Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) plays a pivotal role in managing filming data, ensuring its integrity and secure backup with multiple copies. They collaborate closely with the Director of Photography (DOP) to execute digital image manipulations, involving camera settings, resolution, codecs, and more to align with the DOP’s vision. The DIT establishes an efficient workflow between production and post-production, with responsibilities encompassing data wrangling, protection, and providing key take-stills to the DOP and crew members for review. In some cases, a DIT with reduced duties may be referred to as a Data Wrangler, responsible for transferring, labeling, and logging raw files for the post-production department.

Professional competences:
• Advanced expertise in camera equipment and corresponding settings.
• Advanced expertise in computer hardware.
• Advanced expertise in film delivery software.
• Understanding large data transferring – File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and other methods for transferring large files network connectivity tools and local availability.
• Ability to fix monitors, cables, recording devices, and other related equipment.
• Knowledge and ability to perform shading operations that relate to gamma, gain, iris, RGB, white and black balance, detail/enhancement, etc.
• Understanding of how to read a waveform monitor and vectorscope.
• Primary knowledge of audio recording and processing.
• Safety on Set – ensures safe operation of equipment of the camera department.
• Culturally competent – good understanding of both the set culture as well as the country the production takes place.

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